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AusSTE Services

AusSTE can help you learn or use Simplified Technical English. We provide STE:
– user training with an ASD accredited trainer
– document assessment for compliance with the STE specification
– awareness sessions
– coaching and support
– consulting

AusSTE has the first ASD accredited STE trainer in Australia. This is necessary for AusSTE to deliver STE training on a commercial basis. Our training is for users who write or edit content in STE.

The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) own, copyright, and Trade Mark the STE specification. Part of the STE copyright and Trade Mark includes how we can deliver STE training. And only ASD accredited trainers can deliver STE training on a commercial basis.

AusSTE Training

AusSTE provide STE training with an ASD accredited STE trainer. These sessions are for writers and editors who need to use STE to create or edit technical or business content.

Our training
STE Awareness

We provide STE information and awareness sessions. These sessions provide information for senior managers, project managers, and project teams who need to understand the high-level requirements of STE. These sessions do not include training about how to use STE.

The aim of these sessions is to give relevant information about STE at the correct level. This is so managers can make sure that project teams and contractors correctly use and deliver content written in STE.

STE Coaching and Support

AusSTE can give support and coaching to STE users who complete ASD accredited STE training or STE awareness sessions. We offer custom support or coaching to meet what you need and how you need it. One size does not fit everyone, so this must meet what you need. But we can only offer full support if you have completed STE training with an ASD accredited STE trainer.

We can provide support and coaching for people who only complete STE awareness training. But this does not replace STE training. This type of support is more suitable for project teams who need to review documents for compliance with the STE Specification.

Training and awareness are just the first steps. It is important to use your new knowledge to further develop your skills and understanding. We know from our experience with STE that as your skills develop, you will have more questions and new problems to solve. We can help you with these questions and problems.


AusSTE provides consulting about Simplified Technical English to identify what you need. We have experience across a wide range of industries, but our strength is in how to use and implement STE.

Many industries now recognise how suitable and effective STE is. The core of STE is good technical writing and follows best practices. The real power, and point of difference, is the consistency in writing by only using a word for one part of speech (generally). This helps all readers, but especially if English is not your first language.

If English is not the first language for your readers, writers, or customers, then STE can help. And if you write content for translation into other languages, then STE can make a real difference. If you want consistent, well-written content, then STE is the solution. Contact AusSTE to find out more about STE and how it can work for you.