about ausste

About AusSTE

As managing directors of AusSTE, Dave Newdick and Julie Austin come from different backgrounds and career pathways. They have explored industry needs to deliver Simplified Technical English (STE) and focus on quality training, implementation, advice, and support. They are proud to help clients develop skills to achieve real changes in their technical and business documentation.

Dave and Julie have combined their experiences and training and have set up an organisation committed to the effective use and implementation of Simplified Technical English. They both have experience within the public and private sectors for more than 25 years. This brings their expertise in consulting, technical writing, leadership, development, and adult-centred learning for the benefit of clients. Their working history is across industries and includes government, defence, mining, explosives, engineering, manufacturing, technology, and material processing.

Dave has over 25 years experience as a technical communicator across numerous industries, writing technical and business content. He also has Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) experience writing and supporting technical publications. He completed ASD accredited STE training in June 2021 through the ASD recognised university in Italy.

AusSTE aims to build skills within industry, so even more technical writers can learn to use STE correctly to write content. Our team provides organisations and individuals with real skills to deliver true value to write technical and business content. When our customers use STE, it provides significant benefits and reduces time and cost to deliver quality documents, which drives efficiency.

AusSTE experience includes