Accredited STE user training

We deliver ASD accredited Simplified Technical English user training. This training is for writers and editors who need to use STE in their writing.

STE awareness and consulting

We provide Simplified Technical English awareness and consulting. This is for managers and project teams who review content written in STE or want to confirm the correct use of STE.

STE coaching and support

AusSTE offers coaching and support for Simplified Technical English users who have completed STE training or STE awareness sessions.

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Simplified Technical English

Why use Simplified Technical English (STE)?

Many industries and organisations already use STE, not just the defence industry. STE is a requirement for technical information for many organisations, which includes the Australian Defence Force. It is also a core part of S1000D. But if you write technical or business content, then use STE to avoid ambiguity, improve clarity, and improve readability.


How can we help you?

We can help you learn and use Simplified Technical English (STE) to write all types of technical and business content. AusSTE delivers ASD accredited training. And we provide STE awareness for management levels. We also provide coaching and support for your team. Our lead trainer is an ASD accredited STE Trainer, the first in Australia.

When you use STE, it is not a simple copy and paste exercise. And you cannot rely on software to do this either. The ASD and STEMG do not recommend or endorse software. You must use your grammar skills.

To use STE, you need to know your grammar. But this should already be a core part of all technical and business writing. To use STE correctly, you must know the parts of speech and verb tenses. If you complete accredited training and have good grammar skills, you can use STE effectively.